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A Louvred Roof for Bournemouth Oceanarium

Clients often come to me with a similar issue.  They have outdoor space with stunning views across cities, coastlines or British countryside, raised off the floor and vulnerable to the elements. I am not just referring to a raised deck 3 feet from the ground, but 7th floors and beyond. 

Restaurants and attractions with these types of view are in high demand and so much valuable space is wasted through the winter months and wet summer days. That’s where Broadview come into play, providing workable, revenue generating solutions for everyone.

As with many seaside towns and busy tourist spots inland, many activities are outdoors, with Bournemouth attracting tourists for its 7 miles of golden sands.  Can you imagine what happens when it rains?  You’ve got it, the attractions and restaurants fill up fast with customers spending their holiday funds.  It’s just not practical to turn people away because the main building is full and the outside area sits empty.

The Broadview Solution

As an example, we have recently installed a B200 louvred roof system at the iconic Bournemouth Oceanarium, an art deco building right on the popular seafront. The new penguin enclosure houses a café with what was an open air terrace overlooking the beach and Bournemouth pier.  From here you can see the Needles and Old Harry Rocks; on a clear day it is a treat.   There is also a window straight into the penguins' home, where children and adults can be entertained for hours with their antics.


Working closely with us and the architects, The Oceanarium was granted planning permission for the triple B200 louvred roof system with sliding glass frontage, LED lighting and heaters.  After much careful planning the installation went ahead. On the second floor, 80 metres from the sea and open to the elements this clever aluminium framed system with integrated gutters provides exactly what the attraction needed. Birthday parties are being booked, teachers are utilising the venue as a field trip classroom and happy parents sip tea whilst enjoying the view, as their children excitedly report on the penguin activity. Our client is now able to fully utilise this area every day of the year, whatever the weather.

The Result

The B200 louvred roof system is versatile and elegant.  Our expert installation team have faced so many challenges and overcome them all to create cosy usable spaces. With the B600 rotating AND fully retracting outdoor structure now available, there really is something to suit everyone’s needs.

We offer expert shading solutions for a number of industries, including hotels, cafes & restaurants and retail. Contact our team today for more information!

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