School Outdoor Structure Installation in West Drayton

The Brief: 

Cherry Lane School in West Drayton, Hillingdon contacted the Broadview Outdoor Shading team to install a bespoke outside play area that offers protection from all weather conditions to keep students, parents and teachers comfortable when outside. The structure had to comply with Ofsted guidelines to ensure the safety of children playing underneath and around the system, it also needed to complement the school's existing building and not look too obtrusive. 

The Broadview Solution: 

After the consultation, we recommended that our client would benefit from the Broadview Sun Rain System as the outdoor structure structure could easily offer shelter for the 224sqm that needed coverage. The Sun Rain System has a fully retractable roof that at a touch of a button can fully close or open with ease, perfect for busy teachers that need quick protection from the weather!

The new Sunrain System allows teachers to have the outside classroom doors open all year round, to allow fresh air and ventilation during classes, which provides a better learning and working environment for Cherry Lane School students. Broadview personalised the appearance of the system's hardware to seamlessly matches the building's style, and the stylish yellow fabric louvres ensure the Sun Rain structure matches the school's surroundings and facilities.

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The Results: 

Cherry Lane School is thrilled with their Sun Rain shading system that provides a fun outside play area for young students and gives teachers the opportunity to teach outside even in poor weather conditions. Due to the outdoor structure's placement over the classroom windows it offers sun protection for teachers and students both outside in the play area and within the classroom itself. Excessive direct sunlight onto technology and equipment such as whiteboards, computers and overhead projectors can react negatively and may cause damage, so with the new shading solution, this issue has been averted.

Our client was absolutely thrilled with the result and says that both teachers and students are relieved that they no longer have to deal with the intense heat of the summer sun! Are your staff and pupils also struggling? A shading solution from Broadview could be the perfect solution for your school. Call us today on 01202 679 012 for more information.

Testimonial from the School Governor: 

“It was necessary to offer an outside learning space for the children, the Broadview undercover solution has meant regardless to poor or hot weather children, teachers and parents are fully protected and the school is delighted with the results,” says Carl Nielsen school Governor of Cherry Lane School. 

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