Southsea Beach Cafe


The Brief

The owners had a clear and ambitious vision to ‘re-create the good old days’ at Southsea. They were faced with a blank concrete rectangle, right on the edge of the beach shingles, just 30 meters from the shore. The view across the water, to and beyond the old pier were too good not to consider. Their vision was to build a café that would encourage more people to the area to enjoy quality cooked food and a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, whilst enjoying the beach and landscape that Southsea has to offer. Conscious of the seafront location, they didn’t want a fully enclosed space, so summer sun could be basked in but winter wind and rain was kept at bay.

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The Broadview Solution

With years of experience in outdoor shading solutions, the team at Broadview designed a large stylish Sunrain structure which is supported by sturdy steel goal posts. This retractable roof system, has the option of retractable zip side screens, making it the perfect solution for Southsea Beach Café owner’s vision. The trusty frame is made from anodised, powder coated aluminium with a built in gutter system along the side and front rafters. All rain water runs off the roof and drains down through the front legs onto the shingles below, offering a fully wind and watertight roof. The well-made zip screens also make for weather proof sides, with clear crystal panels, the view remains uninterrupted without compromising the feeling of protection. As soon as the sun shines, at a touch of a button, the roof retracts back and the sides are concealed within the side rafters, all that’s left is a frame measuring out the allocated space for their customer’s enjoyment. 


To complete the café complex, rustic wooden outbuildings with service hatches were built to house the bar and kitchen on the back of the Sunrain structure. Similar buildings with modern interiors were constructed outside for conveniences giving the whole area a feeling of being there forever.  

The Result

It’s a cold windy day, but the sun is out. Heading towards the Café you will notice brave undeterred customers sipping warm coffee on the deck outside, whilst the less brave (and perhaps more sensible) queue for a table in the once derelict spot on Southsea esplanade.  Once inside, the ambiance in undeniably perfect. Warm and cosy with superb looking fresh plates spinning from the kitchen, laughter and chatter fill the so called temporary room overlooking the sparkling sea beyond. If this is mid-winter, it can only mean great things for the summer to come.

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