High School Awning Installation in London

The Brief:

For 137 years, Wimbledon High School in London has been educating thousands of female students to go out into the world and make a difference. Wimbledon High School teaches pupils from ages of four to eighteen, with an enriched education that equips students for the challenges of the 21st century, and further education. Wimbledon High School is one out of twenty-three independent schools apart of the Girls’ Day School Trust, which is the UK’S largest education charity. The client approached Broadview to provide a shading system that will offer a dry space for external play, and offer a possible outside teaching environment. The shading solution must offer all year round protection, and reduce heat build-up to protect students and teachers. 

The Broadview Solution:

After the consultation, Broadview started designing the shading solutions that will fit our client’s brief and particular building requirements. After listening to the client’s requests we recommended the Broadview R220 for the first and second floors of the building, and the R116 system for the ground floor. 

The Broadview R220 was chosen for the upper floors because our team needed to cover the 6m width using only two front support legs, that offered unspoilt views from the classroom out over the grounds of the school. We ensured the shading systems were robust, as it was fitted onto the upper floors of the school it would be subjected to harsh weather conditions more than the R116 ground floor system.

On the ground floor, we supplied the Broadview R116 system, which is a fixed structure with polycarbonate roof infills. The ground floor requirements were slightly different to the upper floors. All-weather protection was the key requirement for the ground floor however, the structure must not affect the natural light coming into the classrooms. Natural clear polycarbonate was chosen for the roof, allowing natural light to pour into the classrooms whilst blocking the harmful UV light from the sun. 

The Results:

The new R220 250sqm shaded areas offer full protection against all weather elements, and can now be used for educational purposes as well as areas to store items for the client when space is limited in classrooms. The Broadview R116 that was installed onto the ground floor, the system is an ideal space for parents to pick up their children, providing an easy yet effective option for both pupils and their families. Broadview’s R220 and R116 systems also have significantly reduced heat build-up and glare from inside and outside of the classrooms. This has increased student’s concentration when learning, as they can now learn and progress in a comfortable educational environment. 

“Just to say that the canopies are fantastic. They look great and complete the building and you can feel a reduction in heat. Staff were keen last week to have their doors open and let in the air. They’re going to prove really useful and have already provided additional space for things such as an igloo tent!” 

Kate Mitchell - Head of Wimbledon High Junior School.

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