Custom Pergolas for Hospitality, Retail, and Commercial Businesses

Whether for a pub garden or a retail space, we can custom design your pergola to ensure it’s perfect for your needs. We’ve designed and installed custom pergolas for a whole host of clients – from seaside aquariums to hotels, creating unique, attractive spaces that can be used all year round.

If you have outside space that you’re looking to transform to create extra space for you and your customers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Broadview to discover what we can do for you. Give us a call on 01202 679012 today.

How can we customise your pergola?

Our pergolas can be customised in a whole myriad of ways – from their dimensions, to the colour, to the type of roof. Our pergolas can also be installed back to back to create even bigger outside spaces. Find out more about each of the customisable options below.

Customisable dimensions

Outside spaces can be big, small, narrow, or wide, which is why our pergolas can be customised to fit the dimensions of your outside space. For larger outside spaces, you can choose to install two of our pergolas back to back – it also means that should your new outside space prove popular, you can extend it for even more usable outside space.

Choose from a range of colours

We offer a range of standard colours, with white and anthracite grey the most popular options. If you’re looking for a pergola to match your branding or design theme, we can customise the colour with special RAL textured paint for an additional fee.

Choose from a range of roof options

All of our pergolas come with motorised roofs, however, there are a variety of functionalities available depending on the model you choose.

Our B200 pergolas come with rotating louvred roofs – change the angle of the louvres depending on how much sun or shade you want to receive.

For a retractable roof take a look at the B300 and B600 ranges. The B300 offers a purely retractable waterproof sliding cover, while the B600 sports a retractable louvred roof – our top of the range model.

Choose from a range of extras

From LED lights in the frame to LED strips in the louvres, customise your pergola’s lighting to create the best environment for your business. Cosy LED lighting will create an attractive place for customers to enjoy meals or create an atmospheric place in which customers can browse your products.

Heaters will attract guests to use your outside space all year round. In chilly spring or autumn evenings, just pop on the heaters and your guests will remain warm and cosy. Choose from two types of heater, too – a traditional infra-red heater or a stylish glass panelled heater.

Side screens create that additional bit of shelter and privacy, again great for cooler periods where there may be a breeze that’s putting people off from enjoying your outside space. There’s the option of frame mounted screens or integrated screens, depending on the pergola model you choose.

Take your music to your outside customers with integrated Bluetooth speakers – perfect for creating atmosphere in restaurant gardens. It’s also great for people who want to hire out your pergola for a private party – they can have their very own speaker setup.

Why choose Broadview for your custom pergola?

Broadview is a specialist in outdoor shading, designing and installing custom pergolas for a whole range of commercial businesses – from pubs and restaurants to retail spaces. We’ll work with third parties to create an outside space that you’re proud to present to your customers – think landscapers and groundswork companies who can take your outside space to the next level.

Our team are passionate about our products and how they can help businesses to expand and take their product to a whole new level. From consultation right through to installation and aftercare, we’ll ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your custom pergola. So, if you’re looking to create an attractive, modern outside space that your customers will love, don’t hesitate to talk to us about our custom pergolas today on 01202 679012.


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