Outdoor Heating

Your venue’s outdoor space may be lively in the summer, but without adequate shelter and heating the first cold snap of the year will have customers heading home in droves. No one wants to sit outside shivering, after all!

With an electric heating system integrated into your patio’s shading, you can keep your outdoor space buzzing all year round.

All of our awnings, large umbrellas, parasols, and outdoor structures come with the option of heaters built in. Subtle and easy to operate, they turn a chilly patio into a warm and cosy sanctuary with the flick of a switch.

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Why choose a heated shading system from Broadview?

British weather has never been known for its balminess. With most evenings on the cooler side, even within the summer months, it’s important that restaurants, pubs, and hotels have outdoor seating that is warm and well-lit.

Keep guests happy

By combining the shelter of shading with the warmth of a heater, your customers will be safe, dry, and cosy even on the wettest or coldest days. Not only will this encourage them to stay longer and visit again, but their great experience will be reflected in their five-star reviews of their visit to your establishment!

Our outdoor shading solutions have helped a range of businesses to provide their customers with an even more exceptional experience, and we’re proud of our own ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot.

Increase covers

If you close your outdoor space in the winter, you’re throwing a lot of potential revenue to the wind. Making your space available year round with a heater can double the number of guests you serve, and in turn, your profits.

Make a good first impression

Your outdoor entrance area is often the first place your guests will see, so it needs to make a good first impression. After all, what would you prefer to see - a dark, empty seating area is no contest against a warm and inviting outside space that’s bustling with life.

Broadview’s awnings, umbrellas, and parasols are made of a premium fabric available in 50 RAL colours, while our outdoor structures feature beautiful designs in both classic and contemporary styles. They won’t just protect your guests from the rain and cold - they’ll act as an elegant design feature for your patio.

Control your heating with the touch of a button

Thanks to our heaters’ state-of-the-art technology, complete control over your heating is only ever a button press away. Switch them on and off manually, or opt for remote control to activate them from afar. Keeping your outdoor space warm has never been easier!

We have a range of premium awnings, umbrellas, and parasols equipped with outdoor heating for your commercial venue. Get a free quote on our outdoor shading solutions online or call us on 01202 679 012!


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