How to get your café ready for spring

Cafe awning Dorset

Spring is just around the corner and it will (hopefully) bring fresh blue skies and days full of sunshine. It also means hungry shoppers and tourists will be looking to make the most of the gorgeous weather by searching for that extra special café with coveted al-fresco dining space. Ensure yours tops their list by following our 3 tips for attracting spring diners. 

Get your shopfront noticed with a personalised awning 

Stand out from the crowd on the busy high street and ensure your café is the first one hungry shoppers see by installing a stylish awning on the front of your establishment. Get it personalised with your café’s name and brand colours to really create a professional appearance and entice those empty bellies inside. If you have space out front, why not position a couple of tables and chairs underneath the awning to increase your covers? 

Protect your customers from any passing showers

While spring days can be surprisingly warm it’s no secret that the weather in the UK is unreliable. So, if a shower does happen to pass over your café make sure your outside covers are well protected with giant umbrellas and retractable awnings. Or, if space allows, to really create the ultimate in flexible alfresco dining experiences, build an outdoor structure with titling louvered roof and sliding, floor to ceiling glass panels so diners aren’t put off choosing your café because of looming dark clouds!

Add tasty new dishes to your menu 

Another excellent way to entice diners to your café this spring is to add fresh new dishes to your menu. Try to match the food you choose to the season, so for spring, move away from heavy, comfort meals such as cottage pie and stews, and instead start to lean towards lighter foods such as salads and tarts. Don’t forget Easter is a great time of year for attracting large groups who will be looking for the traditional lamb roast dinner and slice of simnel cake!

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