How would an awning benefit my nursery facility?

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We have previously discussed some of the benefits of having an awning in a school playground area and how this could have a positive affect on young people’s lives whilst in education – however, what are some of the benefits of having an awning installed at a facility for children of a much younger age range? We’ve put together a quick guide highlighting some of the reasons why you may want to consider installing an awning in your nursery playground area.

Create a free-flow play area

It’s important to allow early years children the time every day to take a break from normal indoor nursery activities and burn some energy, a playground awning for them would provide sheltered outside space all year round without being restricted by rainfall or excessive sunlight.

More space

An awning would provide more flexibility for activities to do on a day-to-day basis as they provide more play or teaching space – and an ideal space to conduct messy activities such as painting or play with water and/or sand – again, without the vulnerability of rain and other elements.

Health and safety

In this current Covid-19 pandemic, many nurseries have rightly implemented ways to minimise the risk of infection at their facilities by putting certain social distancing procedures in place. An awning would provide the perfect shelter for parents to either meet with members of staff or to drop off and collect their children, without needing to step foot inside the premises.

Sun safety

Awnings create instant shelter from harmful UV rays – ideal if you have no natural shelter from trees or nearby buildings – research shows that over exposure to sun at an early age can increase the risk of skin cancer in later life. It can also help encourage children to stay safe in the sun by seeking shade during the sunniest/hottest parts of the day.

Easy access storage

Having some extra available storage space is always a plus. With the many toys, tables and structures that can be found in a typical playground at nursery, an awning might just provide that extra dry area to store outdoor play equipment to keep it dry and ready to use at all times.

Enjoy outdoor eating

You can also use the canopy area as an outdoor eating area for children to enjoy their lunch or snacks, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up the crumbs! It can also be used by parents as emergency shelter in sudden downpours when they come to collect or drop off the children.

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