Protect your commercial awnings from frost

Commercial awnings Surrey
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Our shading solutions experts give their top tips on keeping your commercial awnings in perfect condition

With Broadview, it’s easy to protect your awnings from all kinds of weather conditions. We offer a range of shading solution options for any kind of business and with optional extras such as heating, your customers can avoid cold temperatures this winter under your awning.

Retract your awnings

Whenever you’re not using your awning, remember to retract it. This will help to avoid any kind of damage to the fabric, which might be caused by weather. Leaving awnings extended all night will only allow frost and ice to settle on the fabric.

Choose weather-proof fabric

At Broadview, our commercial awnings are frost and wind resistant. They are also fade-proof against UV light in sunnier weather: our weather-proof awnings are built to last longer than other awnings, and can withstand any kind of climate.  

Use a heater

As well as fancy integrated LED lighting, we also install heating for your shading solutions and outdoor structures. This will not only keep your customers warmer when the temperature drops, but it can avoid your awning freezing late at night.  

We offer expert shading solutions for a number of industries, including hotels, cafes & restaurants, retail and educational establishments. Contact our team today for more information and the best price on cafe awnings and canopies!