Quiz: Do you need umbrellas, an awning or outdoor structure?

Covered outdoor living spaces

If you’re struggling to decide between a versatile garden awning, flexible umbrellas or impressive structure for your establishment’s outside space, take our quiz to discover which shading solution will work best for your goals. 

Does your premises have a large outside area?

a)    Yes, I have a large garden that I’d like to make the most of
b)    No, I have a patio area that I would like to shade in hot weather 
c)    Yes, I already have several outside tables 

How important is it to use the space all year?

a)    Very important 
b)    It’s a consideration 
c)    It would be nice but not essential 

How are you hoping to increase your capabilities?

a)    I’d like to host things like corporate parties and celebrations as well as adding covers
b)    I’d like to add more covers to my existing premises 
c)    I’d like to attract more customers with comfortable al-fresco options

Would you like to add personalisation to your shading solution?

a)    It’s not a high priority 
b)    Yes, I’d like to improve my high street presence 
c)    I would like to but it’s not essential for my purposes 

Do you need to be able to tidy away your shading solution?

a)    No, there is enough space to leave it up
b)    Yes, it would be useful to be able to tidy the shade away 
c)    Yes, my shading solution needs to be put away when there’s less demand for outside space 

Your shading solution quiz results

Mostly A’s = garden structure

Your premises has a large outside space that you would like to make the most of all year round by increasing covers and hosting special events, such as weddings, christenings and corporate parties. A garden structure gives you a permanent space in which to achieve all of your ambitions as it can be easily opened up in the summer and enclosed in the winter, offering flexibility that cannot be rivalled by a building extension or conservatory.  

Mostly B’s = garden awning

You have limited outside space or a small patio that would be ideal for positioning extra tables on to increase your covers. Boosting your high street presence to tempt customers in is another important consideration. A garden awning is your perfect shading solution as it attaches discreetly to the wall of your premises and can extended or retract at the touch of a button, creating the perfect place for your customers to enjoy a spot of al-fresco dining. Broadview can add personalisation to your awning, such as your logo and brand colours, to really help you stand out from the crowd. 

Mostly C’s = umbrellas 

If you have lots of tables scattered throughout your outside space, umbrellas are a great shading option. Tough, stable and elegant, garden umbrellas not only give your guest fantastic flexibility over their own level of shading, they can also be packed away for the winter months when al-fresco dining and drinking becomes less in demand. At Broadview, you can add personalisation your umbrellas too. 

Broadview has been supplying effective shading solutions to shops, restaurants, cafes and other establishments for over 50 years and has an excellent reputation for our customer service and quality garden structures, awnings and umbrellas. To learn more or to arrange a free design consultation, please contact our friendly team today on 01202 679012