The benefits of outdoor shading solutions for golf clubs

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A golf club should be a relaxing, welcoming place: read on to find out how your club can embrace outdoor shading solutions to create a better atmosphere.

Outdoor shading solutions offer you protection from the weather and a communal spot to sit with friends. In many respects, a golf course is the perfect setting for any kind of outdoor structure: read on to find out why.

Visitors can enjoy the bar

After a long round, lots of golfers enjoy having a drink and a sit down before heading home. An outdoor shading structure can provide your golf club with the perfect setting to enjoy a drink, and if you install a veranda in picturesque surroundings, you will likely see an increase on the number of drinks you sell at the bar.

Add value to the building

One of the biggest benefits of any outdoor structure is that it adds value to your building. It often doesn’t require any planning permission and installation is quick: you can make your golf club a more attractive building in no time at all and increase the resell value of the property.

Show off the course

The pride and joy of any golf club is the course. A big reason that so many people enjoy golfing is being out and about in the fresh air and surrounded by trees and greenery. An outdoor shading structure provides the perfect connection between your club house and the green.

An outdoor structure is impressive to visitors

A golf club with a pergola, a veranda or even an awning is automatically more impressive to anyone looking to join. A shading solution suggests an air of professionalism and luxury about your club and can give you the edge over rival clubs in the area.

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