Thrive despite covid-19 restrictions with outdoor shadings

Outdoor living space ideas

Rumours are rife that pubs will be able to open up their gardens to trade once again as soon as 22nd June, with the rest of the industry opening their doors from 4th July. However, the re-opening of the hospitality industry is likely to come with some strict safety measures such as, stringent cleaning, regular hand washing and face coverings. 

Perhaps the main concern for many establishments however is the rule of keeping at least a 2-metre distance between customers and tables. This measure means that most, if not all, pubs, restaurants, and cafes will have to operate at reduced capacity, putting a further stain on their business’ revenue. 

How can outdoor shading help boost your income?

With a need to maintain a 2-metre distance between tables, you will need to use every inch of available space to maximise the number of covers you can physically squeeze in safely. Which means your outside space has never been so important. 

Placing more tables outside not only increases your capacity but is also the safest place for people to gather, as the coronavirus transmission rate is lower in the open air. Luckily, the reopening of food and drink businesses coincides with the summer time so you should have lots of days you can operate as many covers as possible. 

However, let’s face it, the British summertime is notoriously unpredictable and even the sunniest of days can turn damp and gloomy in a matter of minutes. A downpour can seriously impact your already reduced capacity as it sends customers home in search of cover. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Garden shading is for so much more than protecting you from the harsh glare of the sun. It also provides effective shelter from all types of weather so your outside space can remain fully functional even during a summer downpour! 

Choose your perfect outdoor shading solution 

At Broadview, we have a wide range of outdoor shading solutions, from retractable awnings that are perfect for covering patios and balconies to louvered roof pergolas that are unrivalled in their flexibility. You can choose to add a number of accessories, such as built in heaters and lighting and side panels and sliding glass, which help ensure your outside space remains a cosy, inviting place to spend time no matter the weather.  

To find out more about how outdoor shading can make a tangible difference to your business’s success, or to arrange a free design consultation, get in touch with the friendly Broadview team today on 01202 679012