Transform your outdoor space in the New Year

Pub awnings Hampshire

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to turning a plain outdoor space into a Garden of Eden, whether you're looking for awnings or ornaments, tables or trees. Whilst outdoor spaces vary depending on size and business though, there are options available to everyone; check out our guide to how you can make the most of your outdoor space and transform the area regardless of budget. 


The quickest, easiest way to brighten up your outdoor area, flowers, plants and trees can introduce colour and life whether you want to dedicate a lot of money or you're on a budget. Climbing vines are particularly good for outdoor structures, and whilst this is a long-term investment for anyone looking to improve a space, the short-term results of a thriving garden are also nice; birds and squirrels may even decide to visit your pub garden, should you leave them seeds and nuts!


Commercial awnings are a way to not only offer a shading solution for your customers,, but to create a personalised experience for their visit. Bespoke awnings can be showcase your branding or simply enhance the atmosphere of your surroundings; you can also create much more space for your business by creating a covered area just outside the main building.


Of course when we think of furniture, we immediately recall images of sofas and chairs. A great pub garden or outdoor eating area will include places to kick back and relax, especially if they're shaded sufficiently, but don't forget that tables are just as important. If you have a shop with an awning over the front, you can include small tables for extra stock; likewise, it's important for restaurants and cafes to differentiate what kind of tables customers can eat at, as opposed to just place drinks on. 


Have you ever considered statues in your commercial garden area? Water features, carvings or bird baths can also add a focal point to your outdoor space and break up large swathes of plants and grass. Ornaments can introduce a little personality to a pub garden or the outside area of a hotel, and are available on a range of budgets.


Lighting is something that so many people don't even consider for outdoors. LED lighting can help to illuminate your space though, either by leaving lights on your patio, wrapping fairy lights around outdoor structures or inserting lights in your awnings.

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