Which shading solution is suitable for your establishment?

Outdoor covered patio structures

Different shading solutions offer different advantages to your business. Whether you’re looking for versatility or to impress, our quiz can find your perfect structure.

Should you invest in an awning, outdoor structure or parasol? Our experts have compiled a handy quiz to find out exactly what kind of structure is best for your business: read on to find out!

Do you want your shading solution to retract?

a) Yes. I want to have the option to retract my shading option at the end of the day, or even when it’s not needed.
b) Yes. I want my shading solution to retract, but into the wall, rather than into itself.
c) No. I want my shading solution to feel like an extra room, rather than a structure that can be packed away.

Would you like your shading solution leaning against the wall?

a) No. I want my shading solution to be free-standing.
b) Yes. I want my shading solution to provide shade in the immediate space in front of the wall.
c) Yes. I want my shading solution to feel as if it’s an extension that’s connected to the wall, with walls of its own.  

What kind of design are you looking for?

a) Something elegant that opens outwards and is controlled from the centre.
b) Something classic and unobtrusive that extends outwards.
c) Something modern, minimal and large-scale. I want to impress.  

How many tables do you want to fit under your shading solution?

a) One or two tables per solution. The more tables I have, the more shading solutions I can invest in.
b) A row of tables would be nice, with other tables being out in the sun.
c) All of my outdoor seating should be covered by the shading solution.  

What size and shape should your shading solution be?

a) Round or square, and relatively small.
b) Rectangular and wider than it is long.
c) Any shape, so long as it’s big enough to cover the whole of my patio!

Mostly As: Parasols and umbrellas

Parasols and umbrellas are versatile, mobile shading options. It’s best to invest in a few of them rather than just one, and they can protect against all weathers.

Mostly Bs: Awnings

Awnings are classic, simple and easy to operate. They provide great patio cover and can be retracted when you don’t want to use them.

Mostly Cs: Outdoor structures

One of the more impressive shading solutions you can invest in, outdoor structures feel more like extensions. With glass or screen walls and a range of roofs to choose from, you can customise yours to feel like a large-scale extra room of your establishment.

We offer expert shading solutions for a number of industries, including hotels, cafes & restaurants, retail and educational establishments. Contact our team today for more information!