Zip Screens & Terrace Cover for the Waterfront Café in Oxford


Zip Screens and Terrace Cover in Oxford

The Brief

Broadview was approached by the owner of the Waterfront Café in Oxford, who wanted the ability to turn the existing outdoor structure into an indoor seating area. He also wanted to cover another area of the terrace with another outdoor structure.

The owner, who has been working at the café for almost 30 years, had invested heavily in the building to meet growing demand and keep his client base coming back time and time again – an outdoor structure being one of the additions.

The Waterfront café is ideally situated along the banks of the river, where the public can hire a boat for a trip. Having such a wonderful location, ensuring visitors never lost sight to these views was incredibly important to the owner when providing us with a brief.

The Broadview Solution

To meet the client’s requirements, we installed cassetted zip screens all around the exterior of the existing outdoor structure, with all hardware custom painted to match the colour. These zip screens are fully retractable, electronically operated, and feature a transparent ‘viewing window’ design, so customers never lose sight of the beautiful surroundings that help make the Waterfront café so popular.

In order to cover the areas of the terrace the client wanted, we supplied and installed two coupled B300 sliding fabric roof systems, which were also fully retractable and came complete with integrated remote control LED lighting and heating. We installed the same cassetted zip screens around the exterior of these structures also.

If you are looking to improve your existing outdoor structure, we can help! We use the best quality zip screens and terrace covers that can be custom made to suit your existing structure. Call us today on 01202 679 012 to discuss your requirements.

The Result

The owner of the Waterfront Café was delighted with the end result; he now has another practical indoor seating area for customers to make use of in bad weather, without needing to sacrifice the stunning views of the river. Our retractable zip screens and terrace covers give the client total flexibility and provide the perfect shelter for customers of the café come rain or shine. 

As we custom painted every piece of hardware to match the existing outdoor structure, it is also impossible to tell that they weren’t natural additions in the first place, and make for a seamless overall finish.

As well as providing improvements for existing structures, we can also install a new outdoor structure for your café, restaurant or pub, complete with integrated LED lighting and outdoor heaters. Don't hesitate to contact Broadview today to discuss your requirements on 01202 679 012.

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